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April 17, 2017

We are now seeking co-author candidates for 101 Things I Learned in Psychology School, to be published in 2019 by the Crown Publishing Group of Penguin Random House.

101TIL in Psychology School will be primarily for college students although, like the rest of the 101 Things I Learned® series, its audience will range from general readers to seasoned professionals. The co-author selected for this
work-for-hire project will work closely with me to create and develop 101 lessons and market the book upon its publication. Compensation will include a competitive flat fee, a share of royalties, and cover credit as the book’s primary author. Additional details will be provided to those responding to this notice.

The ideal co-author candidate:
•   is experienced as both a practicing psychotherapist and instructor of psychology
•   has knowledge and interests extending across and beyond the field of psychology. H
owever, a unique, even quirky perspective may serve this project better than a neutral, generalized view.
•   is adept at applying theory to real-world situations and vice versa
•   prefers heightened, everyday language over academic language
is organized, can work collaboratively, and can meet deadlines

If you are interested in this opportunity, please:
•   See the 101 Things I Learned books in person. You can view several pages from each of the existing books on this website, but seeing them in the flesh will help you grasp their unique sensibility. They can be found at nearly every Barnes & Noble, at many independent bookstores, and in many libraries.
•   Respond with a statement of interest to
matt@101thingsilearned.com. Your statement doesn't have to be highly polished, but do provide more than a hastily written request for me to call you or check out your resume or website. Please note there is no advantage in replying to this message immediately. It will be most advantageous to your candidacy to see the books before responding. I will accept responses for the next two to three weeks, and will post notice here before closing the search.
•   A brief resume will be helpful; a one paragraph, no-nonsense biography is much preferred.

I will provide a detailed FAQ to serious respondents. Suitable candidates will be interviewed by phone.

Thank you for your interest. I hope to hear from you!

Matthew Frederick
Series Creator, Editor, and Illustrator
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